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80-818 Gdańsk, Poland


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The University of Gdańsk promoted the project through workshops!

“Academic didactics workshop” – this is how Adam Jagięłło-Rusiłowski mysteriously called his classes. Everyone who wanted to learn new didactic methods and wanted to do so by using Shakespeare’s work (“Romeo and Juliet”) as a base, was invited to participate.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we organized the workshops on the main stage of the Shakespeare Theater on May 25, 2021. And we invited a famous couple of actors – Szymon and Magdalena Jachimek – to cooperate.

Well. You may ask why? Why workshops? Were we not planning to recruit project teams? Of course! But our Partners from the University of Gdańsk had a great idea that instead of conducting some simple recruitment and choosing who will take part in the project and who will not – it is better to check immediately: who is interested enough, to devote their free time in the afternoon to learn something new in the theater!

And that’s what happened. 15 people attended the classes. It trully was a group of really interested people. Real enthusiasts. And after the workshops, we told them about the project. We disclouse to them that these workshops are just the beginning of a great, wonderful adventure. To which they – people present here – can sign up!