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Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 1
80-818 Gdańsk, Poland


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1st Partners meeting in Gdańsk

On 27th May 2021 there was a 1st Partners meeting in Gdańsk. Due to pandemic we have decided to held it in a hybrid version: Polish organizers and participants of the project gathered together on the Main Stage of The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Norwegian partners were collected in a Drama Room at Campus Notodden (USN). We have connected via Zoom platform. In these circumstances, and with a huge help of our fantastic Technical Department, we managed to held almost 4 hour long meeting – with fragments of 3 workshops, discussion and adjustments before and after. We have tested the methods and were asked to bring with us… a pair of dices. It turned out that it is a necessary tool to take part in one presentation. All of these workshops (in full version) will be held in August in Gdańsk, during the meeting of all project teams from Poland and Norway. This experience in May was for sure a memorable one!