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Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 1
80-818 Gdańsk, Poland


+48 58 351 01 51



OTA Workshops in Gdansk

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre,
Workshop Venue (1st floor) ul. W. Bogusławskiego 1,

13.08.2021 (Friday)

10:00-13:00 welcome and integration round
13:00-14:30 lunch
14:30-16:30 workshops by Prof. UAM Jacek Fabiszak (Poznań) “Adapting Otherness and Togetherness”
16:30-17:30 workshops by Joanna Magierecka part 1 (USN, Norway) “Framing the unframeable. The possibilities of developing self-educational strategies through aesthetic learning processes”
17:30-18:30 individual work of the participants of workshops part 1
19:00 welcome dinner

14.08.2021 (Saturday)

10:00-14:00 workshops by Ingvild M. Birkeland and Tone Cronblad Krosshus (USN) “Fighting for Togetherness. Aesthetic learning processes as a kind of card game”
14:00-15:30 lunch
15:30-18:30 workshops by Dr Adam Jagiełło-Rusiłowski (University of Gdańsk) “Play me like a flute: how to use Shakespeare to promote critical thinking amongst university students – a drama-based workshop”

15.08.2021 (Sunday)

10:00-13:00 workshops by Prof. Marta Gibińska (WSE, Cracow) “Meeting the other or how to read Shakespearean dialogue”
13:00 – 14:30 lunch
14:30 – 16:30 workshops by Dr Tomasz Kowalski (UAM, Poznań) “Shakespeare as a window to the students’ views on contemporary world”
16:30-17:30 workshops by Joanna Magierecka part 2 (USN)
17:30-18:30 individual work of the participants of workshops part 2

16.08.2021 (Monday)

10:00-14:00 workshops by Elin Bøen-Olsen (USN) “Touching screen and cutting paper – exploring otherness and togetherness in a digital and analogue environment”
14:00-15:30 lunch
15:30-16:30 workshops by Joanna Magierecka part 3 (USN)
17:00-18:30 Norwegian lecture (USN)

17.08.2021 (Tuesday)

10:00-13:00 workshops by Prof. Małgorzata Grzegorzewska (University of Warsaw) „Macbeth: a being made of flesh” 13:00-14:30 lunch
15:00 evaluation of all the workshops
20:00 farewell dinner in Sopot