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Meeting the other or how to read Shakespearean dialogue

Meeting the other is in itself a phenomenon which needs dialogue. The success of the dialogue depends on how we enter the dialoque, and how we relate to each other in the course of negotiation. Shakespeare’s plays contain many instances in which the dialoque is developed between two parties who negotiate otherness in a situation in which togetherness is an inevitable condition. The workshop will concentrate on the dialogue between the Venetians on one side and Shylock on the other. Our aim will be to discover what action and interpersonal relations must be developed behind the words; how can we diagnose the failure of achieving neighbourly peace and the inevitability of tragic development of further action. Finally, how we could direct the play to make the dialogue open up to the problem of otherness/togetherness in our own society and time.

The text on which we did our work is „Merchant of Venice”, Act I, scene 3