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Macbeth: A being made of flesh / Prof. Małgorzata Grzegorzewska

Workshops were focused on “Macbeth”, with philosophical backgroud helping to deepen into some short passages from the play (relevant for the reading of the entire play,). At the very beginning the participants were asked to think about the play in terms of color (to assign one single color to the play), and then to make a mental notes of this color (and justyfing the choice). Workshops have included some physical excercises, for instance: participants were asked to think about bodies that fill the space around them, make a mental note of them, and then touch the bodies they have spotted. There was a discussion about the notions (body vs. flesh) and the concept of “sensible bodies” has been evoked (meaning: bodies, whose perception in our mental space are made up with data provided by our senses). English poet John Donne was mentioned – he has described the way we perceive the world using a perfect metaphore: we see “through lattices of eyes” and we hear “through labyrinths of ears” (taken from his “Elegy on Mistress Elizabeth Drury”). Later on the theories of French philosophers have been recalled, for example Jean-Luc Marion (the difference between “looking” and seeing” in his understanding; his statement:”the visible surrounds us like air”) or Michel Henry (excerpt in which he has made disctinction between “body” and flesh”). This conceptual framework was important for getting deeper into Shakespeare’s plays during this workshops.