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Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 1
80-818 Gdańsk, Poland


+48 58 351 01 51



Meeting the other or how to read Shakespearean dialogue

Meeting the other is in itself a phenomenon which needs dialogue. The success of the dialogue depends on how we enter the dialoque,…

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We already have photos from the seminar!

On August 13-17, 2021, an international seminar was held. training during which Polish specialists taught the Norwegian team how to creatively use Shakespeare…

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OTA Workshops in Gdansk

PROGRAMME OF „OTHERNESS-TOGETHERNESS-AESTHETICS” WORKSHOPS The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Workshop Venue (1st floor) ul. W. Bogusławskiego 1, Gdańsk 13.08.2021 (Friday) 10:00-13:00 welcome and integration round…

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1st Partners meeting in Gdańsk

On 27th May 2021 there was a 1st Partners meeting in Gdańsk. Due to pandemic we have decided to held it in a…

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The University of Gdańsk promoted the project through workshops!

“Academic didactics workshop” – this is how Adam Jagięłło-Rusiłowski mysteriously called his classes. Everyone who wanted to learn new didactic methods and wanted…

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Project Teams Selected

The composition of all project teams in Poland and Norway has already been selected. Each Partner University is represented by 3 people who…

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